Digital Show House
To help housing developers by using Ujiaku 3D Design Platform’s digital show house system, to develop comprehensive digital real-estate to boost sales in the selling process.

Required Information Checklist

< 1,000 sqf
USD 6 sqf

1,000 – 2,000 sqf
USD 5.5 sqf

> 2,000 sqf
USD 5 sqf
Note: For the same main house, but different styles; the following VR showhouses would get an extra 10% discount.
VR Showhouse consists of the following:

1.  Based on Developer’s 2D interior design drawings on main house type, to develop a maximum 5 sets of full roamable digital show houses. (To showcase on big screen, VR, PC at sales office)
2.  To develop a 360˚ full scene VR digital show house for main houses to showcase and viral broadcast on social media via mobile phone.
3.  To develop a video clip (maximum 3 minutes) digital show house to showcase on big screen TV, PC and etc at sales office and viral video broadcast on social media and website.
Pricing Example:
If a Developer has 2 main house types, a. 850 sqf, and b. 1,800 sqf to develop into 2 styles for each main house type.

850 sqf
a.  i. 850 sqf x USD 6 = USD 5,100.00
  ii Second style: USD 5100 x 0.9 = USD 4,590.00

1,800 sqf
b.  i. 1,800 sqf x USD 5.5 = USD 9,900.00
  ii. Second style: USD 9900 x 0.9 = USD 8,910.00
Total Pricing = a (i+ii) + b (i+ii) = USD 28,500.00

To provide Standard 3D version of property introduction, including panoramic building views, location environment, facilities, greenery landscape and municipal traffic and etc.

USD 45,000
Hardware Requirements
The above prices do not include hardware requirements. Developers are required to prepare relevant hardware at their sales office to allow potential home buyers to perform full roaming capabilities to view digital show houses to achieve the best customer experience. This includes 2 x PCs with special display cards, 2 x 65”big screen TV sets with stands, 1 x VR Demo Set, or with some additional LED displays, touch screen set, and tablets etc. (Please refer to your local prices for the hardware above)
2 x PC
2 x 65' TV
1 x TV brackets
1 x VR Set